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Removing failed paint from brick at Kingsway Mall. Because we supress airborne dust and don’t use silica abrasives we were able to move around the mall without encapsulated containment and dust collection equipment.

Surface Preparing metal roof for repaint hotel Edson, AB.

Paint removal and surface profiling metal for repaint - Kaltire, Leduc, AB.

Preparing concrete for concrete repair materials - Saddledome, Calgary, AB.

Rust/corrosion removal and surface preparations for spray foam and new coating for arena rafters, ceiling trusses, and beams - Yukon.

Removing old stain for town office, Yukon.

Rooftop cooling tower cleanup. Removing hard scale and build-up for recoating of zinc epoxy. Edmonton, AB

Old rail car heritage park. Removing over 80 years of paint, Calgary, AB.

Old signage residual removal from concrete wall.

Preparing the concrete surface on the boathouse on the shores of Lake Invermere, BC. Only vapor abrasive blasting can do this project next to the lake and with other trades working above us.

Blasting to remove rust and surface prepare steel ceiling trusses and beams for new paint application - Indoor Pool, CFB Edmonton.

Preparing concrete for application of berm coating at a pulp mill plant facility in Whitecourt, AB.

Removing failing painted brick Kingsway Mall, Edmonton, AB.

Bridge work contained over HWY 2, AB.

Staining the Town Office building in the Yukon.

Graffiti removal on brick block for City of Leduc.

Road marking line removal for widening of lane - Leduc, AB.

Cleaning off asphalt tar from residential concrete driveways and sidewalks within an urban setting.

Exposing concrete aggregate concrete on outdoor patio.

Removing laitenance from precast concrete, in customers yard space without interruptions to operations.

Service tunnel upgrades: preparing concrete for shot-crete application (removing loose concrete, water scale, old paint) Calgary, AB.

Sewer tunnel blast cleaning EIA.

Surface preparation on the concrete walls of a sewer well. Dry blasting would create extreme visibility issues.

Residential step tile residue cleanup - Calgary, AB.

Blast cleaning stained, weathered coloured concrete without damage to the surface.

Cleaning tanks.

Drill bit cleanup for repaint.

Surface cleaning a plant facility turbine.

Heat exchanger cleanup.

Burnt-on rubber from heavy equipment transaxle.

Staining after vapor abrasive blasting - Log Structure Town Interpretative Centre, Yukon.

Residential stain removal on wood structure, improving removal rates dramatically over sanding.

Removing over 60 years of multiple layers of stain from lakeside log home, Pigeon Lake, AB.

Working on Kingsway Mall with a 80-foot man lift.

Cooling tower. Edmonton, AB