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Sandblasting is fine for the shop or in a cabinet - but when repainting a commerical or industrial building in a populated area, vapor abrasive blasting is your best option.

When sandblasting in the city, too much time and money is wasted assembling and dissassembling containment, dust collection and cleanup everytime you move the man-lift - interrupting business operations needlessly and inconveniencing employees and customers. Vapor abrasive blasting is the solution. It produces up to 92% less dust, which translates into less of everything you don’t want.

1 Less Dust

Vapor abrasive blasting produces 92% less dust than sandblasting.

When the abrasive media shatters upon impact, the water adds mass to the particles, causing them to drop to the ground instead of suspending in the air.

Geoblast uses only the best vapor abrasive blasting equipment, manufactured by Graco, the industry leader. Air quality testing proves Graco blasters suppress dust up to 92% over sandblasting, and use as little as 1/5th the abrasive and water as other “dustless” blasters.

Watch the Graco Ecoquip 2 Outstrip a Sandblaster in a Head-To-Head Time Trial... and Note How Little Dust is Produced.

Still not convinced that vapor abrasive blasting is better than sandblasting?

Arrange for a free demonstration at your workplace and follow-up quote.


2 Less Containment, Collection & Clean-up.

Containment for vapor abrasive blasting is a tarp on the ground, and collection and clean-up consists of a broom and a drum.

Compare that to sandblasting in a populated area which requires full containment, hoarding, negative airflow, HEPA filters, and possibly a dust collection truck... not to mention cumbersome PPE that makes visibility an issue.

Your options are to seal off a huge area of your workplace for an extended period of time, or seal off small areas and dissasemble/reassemble the containment frequently, whenever you need to move. Mobile sandblasting not efficient or economical.

3 Less Time Spent On-Site

Not only is vapor abrasive blasting much faster than sandblasting, but Geoblast saves you even more time by doing both the blasting and painting.

When separate teams do the blasting and painting, there are avoidable delays. The blasters prepare the surface on the first day, then the painters come in on the next day to prime, and apply paint the day after. With Geoblast, we can blast AND prime on the first day and paint on the second, so you can get back to business as usual a day earlier.

Dealing with touchups is also a headache with separate teams. If the painters discover a patch that hasn’t been properly prepared, the work is delayed until the blasters can return to the site, set up, and do the work. That doesn’t happen with Geoblast, because the equipment and operators are always on-site, and with vapor abrasive blasting, set up is a snap.

4 Less Inconvenience

Vapor abrasive blasters can work alongside other trades (and painters) without restricting access the area.

And because moving containment for vapor abrasive blasting is as simple as moving a tarp, we’re done and gone much sooner, so you can get back to business as usual. With sandblasting, you have to contain a large area for an extended period of time, and restrict access to people wearing cumbersome PPE.

Also, because Geoblast seamlessly co-ordinates both blasting and painting, we can tackle your job in short stages, fully completing one section of your place of business every day or two, then freeing it up for business as usual - instead of sealing off huge sections of your building for days or weeks. We leave a small footprint.

As the building manager, it shouldn’t be your job to co-ordinate two contractors or mediate disputes if they arise. With Geoblast you get a single point of contact, and total accountability. The buck stops here.

5 Less Cost

Vapor abrasive blasting uses less abrasive than sandblasting or "dustless" blasters.

Time is money, and Geoblast slashes the time spent on site by as much as 1/2 compared to sandblasting. But we also save you in material costs. Because the water increases the weight of each particle, wet abrasive blasting uses as little as 1/5th the volume of abrasive to do the same job, which means there’s less abrasive to buy, and less to haul away and dispose of.

How much will it cost to repaint your commercial building?


6 Less Risk

So much is riding on the surface preparation: if the surface is not cleaned flawlessly and accurately profiled to the depth specified by the coating, the paint will debond before its time.

When the painter’s idea of surface prep consists of pressure washing, or when they subcontract blasting to an inexperienced blaster, you can expect premature coatings failure.

When you hire Geoblast, you can rest assured that the surface preparation will be immaculate, maximizing the life of the paint or coating - because surface prep fieldwork is our core competency.

  • $5,000,000 liability insurance
  • SE Core-certified safety program
  • WCB in good standing


Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Leduc, Geoblast is Western Canada’s original vapor abrasive blasting experts.

We specialize in blasting and repainting commercial and industrial structures with tight completion schedules causing minimal disruption to operations.

We also subcontract surface prep services, and blast parts in our shop in Leduc.

A Geoblast paint job lasts longer, because the longevity of a coating depends on the proper preparation of the underlying surface - and no one does that better.

“The professionalism and expertise of Wetblast is second to none and the reason why we use them continuously for all our blasting needs.”

John Tomkins, Project Manager
Gator Concrete & Structure Restoration

“Thank you to the Geo Blast team for your efficiency and professionalism with our ‘time sensitive’ project. We look forward to working with you in the future!”

Jodi Griffiths, General Manager
Spence Corrosion Services Ltd.

“The quality of the work is second to none, and the service is fast, friendly and always on time. We'll be a repeat customer.”

Ed Laninga, Owner
Sturgeon Drilling Tools