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Geo-Blast - Blasting & Painting Pros
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Coatings fail due to improper surface preparation.

At Geoblast, we specialize in abrasive blasting, cleaning and decontaminating surfaces with industry-leading equipment and techniques - that results in perfect coating adhesion. Maximize the longevity of your coating - and the underlying asset - by choosing Geoblast for your next blast & paint job.

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Wet abrasive blasting means less dust, less containment, and lower costs.

Open air dry blasting has its place… far, far away. When you need to blast within city limits, or close to other industrial neighbors, or around other workers, you have to erect structures to contain the dust - or go with wet abrasive blasting, that suppresses dust up to 92%.



Sandblasting indoors is messy, hazardous and difficult work. With wet abrasive blasting, moist abrasive and water-encapsulated debris simply falls to the ground, where it can be swept up - mitigating risk and costs.


When abating lead and asbestos, the last thing you want to do is create a roiling cloud of airborne contaminants. The Geoblast process neutralizes, detoxifies and minimizes airborne particulate matter - reducing containment and cleanup time and costs, and minimizing the risk to workers and inhabitants.


When restoring antique metal, brick and other delicate surfaces, wet abrasive blasting is the solution. Our equipment can clean at pressures as low as 30 psi - stripping off old paint, coatings and contaminants without damaging the underlying substrate.


Open-air dry blasting in populated areas requires containment to control dust emissions. What do you do when the blast site is on top of a building downtown? Or when you need to spot blast over a wide area? Geoblast to the rescue…



Geoblast began operations in 2006 as surface preparation specialists, and were the first wet abrasive blasters in Western Canada. Since then, we’ve brought the painting and coatings application side of the business in-house - but our competitive advantage remains on the cutting edge of surface prep, working with Graco and other leading manufacturers in the wet abrasive blasting industry to field-test new products.


Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Devon, Edmonton, Innisfail, Lacombe, Leduc, Grand Prairie, Lloyminister, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat.


We paint, repaint, coating, and restore interiors & exteriors, metal deck ceilings, walls, columns, epoxy coated & concrete floors, floor lines, flooring, steel roofs, windows & window frames, extrusions, doors, awnings, office buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, plants, offices, halls, arenas, convention/conference centers/centres, manufacturing facilities, underground parking garages, oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical and power plants, sewage/wastewater and water treatment plants, bridges, high-heat stacks, smokestacks, steel structures, apartment & condominium buildings, manufacturing equipment, machinery and machines.

Specialty areas include anodized aluminum siding/panels, secondary containment tanks/areas, factory-painted finishes & coatings, structural steel & metal siding, paneling, storage tanks, silos, and production equipment.


How Heritage Park Saved Big on Lead Abatement While Restoring an Antique Railcar"

Back in 2011, staff from Heritage Park discovered an old Canadian Pacific rail car in a Calgary rail yard, filled with garbage and spattered with pigeon poop, and bought if for one dollar. They had big, revenue-generating plans for the car, but first they would need to restore it to its original glory.

Find out why Heritage Park choose wet abrasive blasting and see how it turned out.

“The professionalism and expertise of Wetblast is second to none and the reason why we use them continuously for all our blasting needs.”

John Tomkins, Project Manager
Gator Concrete & Structure Restoration

“Thank you to the Geo Blast team for your efficiency and professionalism with our ‘time sensitive’ project. We look forward to working with you in the future!”

Jodi Griffiths, General Manager
Spence Corrosion Services Ltd.

“The quality of the work is second to none, and the service is fast, friendly and always on time. We'll be a repeat customer.”

Ed Laninga, Owner
Sturgeon Drilling Tools